70 Years of Archives Treasures

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01-Jan-2014 00:06:13
Video compilation with highlights of events, personalities, and thematic coverage of the UN audiovisual archives covering almost 70 years of the world Organization.This compilation was originally created to raise awareness of the urgent need to digitize and preserve the United Nations audiovisual heritage for future generations.

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Shot List:
1. League of Nations 23rd Session (last Assembly), Palais des Nations, Geneva, 1946 (K-21).
2. European refugees (UNRRA 2-series).
3. San Francisco street scenes, 1945.
4. San Francisco Conference, adoption of the UN Charter, 1945.
5. Eleanor Roosevelt, adoption of Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1948, Paris, France.
6. Mr. Nikita Kruschev banging his fist at the delegation desk during the Congo Crisis debate, 23 September 1960.
7. Saudi Arabian Ambassador Mr. Jamil Baroody discussing with Chilean Ambassador Mr. Raul Bazan, General Assembly, 3 October 1973.
8. Egyptian President, Mr. Nasser, General Assembly, September, 1960.
9. Ms. Golda Meir, Israel.
10. Mr. Nikita Kruschev, General Assembly, 23 September 1960
11. US Ambassasdor Mr. Adlai Stevenson, Security Council meeting on Cuban missile crises, 25 October 1962.
12. Speech by President John F. Kennedy, United States, General Assembly, General Debate, September, 1960.
13. miscellaneous raw footage on Congo, UN peacekeepers in various UN missions.
14. Signing on armstice and raw footage of Korean Demilitarized Zone, [?]
15. miscellaneous raw footage of various UN peacekeeping, elections monitoring, voting.
16. General Assembly meeting and elections panel.
17. miscellaneous raw footage of various UN peacekeeping, elections monitoring, observers, disarmament, environment, poverty, health, humanitarian assistance.
18. Speech by Ms. Barbara Ward Jackson during the UN Conference on the Human Environment, 1972.
19. Ms. Hillary Clinton, USA speech at the UN Women's Intenational Conference in Beijin, China, 1995
20. Ban ki-Moon at G77 conference, UNHQ, January 2013
21. Speech by Mr. Francis Bavu, Uganda at the General Assembly meeting, 7 June 2001
22. President Ronald Reagan speech at the General Assembly, General Debate, September 1982.
23. Speech by Ambassador Chaim Herzog, Israel, General Assembly debate on zionism, 10 November 1975.
24. miscellaneous raw footage of peacekeeping operations in the Middle East
25. East Timor elections 2002. Sergio Vieira de Mello.
26. Flag-raising, Namibia independence, 1990.
27. President Nelson Mandela release from the prison and speaking at the General Assembly, General Debate, raw footage of anti-apartheid demonstrations
28. Prime Minister, Tony Blair speaking the General Assembly on global warming, September 2000.
29. Miscellaneuos raw footage on environment and development, humanitarian assistance, natural dissaster, emergency relief, education, and health, including African Union troops.
30. Various celebrities at the UN in 1950s. Peter Ustinov. Kirk Douglas. Deborah Kerr. Peter Lawford. Marlon Brando. Audrey Hepburn.
31. Dag Hammarskiold. UN Day 1960
32. Fidel Castro. UN Genera Assembly 1960.
33. Yuri Gagarin. UN press conference 1960.
34. Yasser Arafat. 1974. UN General Assembly.
35. Deng Xiaoping. 1974. UN General Assembly.
36. Dominique de Villepin. 2003. UN Security Council.
Patricia Chan, Producer
Francis Mead, Producer
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