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795 million people still suffer from hunger

Photo: FAO/ Ishara Kodikara

The number of people around the world who are hungry and suffer from undernourishment has dropped to 795 million…

27 May 2015 / Listen /

Radio programme to help people with disabilities in Cambodia

Cambodian Disabled People's Organization staff member operates a radio program about history of Cambodia. Photo: UNDP (file)

There are around 700,000 people with disabilities in Cambodia who face obstacles on daily basis that prevent them from fully…

27 May 2015 / Listen /

Food relief underway in Mali

Copyright: WFP/Fama Diouf

Efforts are underway in Mali to provide food to some of the three million people who do not have…

26 May 2015 / Listen /

Developing countries step up fight against pollution

Thailand and Chile are leading the way in pollution abatement, improving lives and economies. Other large cities are being urged to adopt some of the same methods. Photo: World Bank

Each year, pollution kills almost nine million people worldwide, mostly in developing countries. That's according to the World Bank…

26 May 2015 / Listen /

Human rights chief breaks with protocol to spotlight troublespots

Migrants at a detention centre in the city of Zawiya, Libya. Photo: Mathieu Galtier/IRIN

Violence in Burundi and the plight of the world's sea migrants are just two problems that require the international…

26 May 2015 / Listen /
One third of global population online UN Women and Valencia soccer club team up for gender equality Nuclear technology contributes to managing Nile water Relief effort in Nepal "running against the clock" Cybercriminals targeted as world IT summit begins in Geneva
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Declaration of Human Rights by Eleanor Roosevelt

In this historic audio, listen to Eleanor Roosevelt – diplomat, activist and former First Lady of the United States – read from the Declaration. Duration: 00:12:53     SHARE WITH…

15 Apr 2015 / Listen /

Could Be


Actor Martin Gable is part of this anticipation drama about “what could be” if the countries put as much determination in coming…

15 Apr 2015 / Listen /
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