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About one in five persons in Gaza has mental health problems: WHO

Children taking part in play and psycho-social support activities organized by UNRWA's team of Community Mental Health Counselors.   Shareef Sarhan/UNRWA Archives.

The recent conflict in Gaza has left about one in five people with mental health problems that are severe enough to warrant access to mental health services. That's according to the World Health…

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Biggest challenge in Iraq will be shelter: UN Humanitarian Chief

Shelter for the Iraqi refugees for the looming bitter winter.  UNHCR/S.Baldwin

As the winter approaches, finding a place for all Iraqis is the top priority according to the UN Humanitarian Chief. Valerie Amos arrived in Iraq on Thursday as part of a four-day mission…

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UN stands with Liberia through "good and bad times": UN official Release of 45 UN Peacekeepers in Golan Heights welcomed by UN chief Disagreements have caused political stalemate in Haiti: UN envoy Prices of food drop to lowest levels since 2010 Almost half of girls in South Asia marry before the age of 18: UNICEF Stock-taking event to reflect on new development goals Ozone recovery influenced by climate change "Compelling confirmation" of chlorine gas used as weapon in Syria Disarm and develop "win-win proposition" Ebola infection chains make counting cases a challenge : WHO
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South Sudan’s women welcome ratification of CEDAW

UN Photo/Staton Winter

South Sudan has become the latest country to ratify the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination…

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Women parliamentary leaders address gender issues

UN Photo/Jean-Marc Ferré

Women Speakers represent less than 15 per cent of all Speakers of Parliament in the world, according to the…

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Cuba offers 165 health professionals for Ebola response in West Africa

Health-care providers, still wearing their protective clothing, must thoroughly disinfect every place a person suspected to have Ebola passes through on the way to the health unit. WHO/Christina Banluta

The announcement by the Cuban government to provide health professionals to help tackle the Ebola outbreak in West Africa…

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UNHCR: Syrian refugee numbers top three million

Iman, victim of the conflict in Syria.  (UNHCR video capture)

The number of refugees from Syria’s intensifying crisis has passed three million amid reports of horrifying conditions inside the…

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UN food agency starts distribution in Ukraine The Rise of Shadow Banking in China Food prices dropped by 3.6 per cent in August: FAO A new camp provides shelter for displaced people in northern Iraq Children pay a heavy price across South Asia: UNICEF Billions of dollars are lost in avoided taxes, says a UN agency Ebola outbreak is a "tragedy" for Liberia: UN top envoy Probe finds UN helicopter was shot down in South Sudan Montenegro assisted by UN nuclear agency to dispose radioactive waste Eight countries urged to ratify treaty to ban nuclear weapons testing Conflict devastates Syria's economy, says UN official Greenhouse gases reached record levels in 2013: UN weather agency Small Island Developing States get a helping hand from a UN agency
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Rock Hudson: The Open Door

American actor Rock Hudson tells the story of a reformed mental health institution in Bethlehem and the work of World Health Organization. Language: English Genre: Drama 1959 Duration: 4’28″…

22 Aug 2014 / Listen /

Maurice Chevalier: Penicillin Featurette

A girl from Haiti. UN Photo

French actor and singer Maurice Chevalier tells the story of a young woman in a village in Haiti who is saved with…

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