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More aid workers kidnapped, seriously injured and killed than ever before: UN

Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson.  UN Photo/Devra Berkowitz

Last year, more humanitarian workers were kidnapped, seriously injured or killed than ever before, according to the Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations. Mr Jan Eliasson made the remarks to members of the…

19 Aug 2014 / Listen /

Ethiopia now Africa's biggest refugee hosting country

South Sudanese refugees sit in the shade of a tree in Ethiopia. They are living in makeshift shelters as they wait for UNHCR tents. © UNHCR/P.Wiggers

Ethiopia has overtaken Kenya to become the largest refugee-hosting country in Africa, sheltering nearly 630,000 refugees as of the end of July, according to the UN refugee agency UNHCR. Kenya currently has over…

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First Security Council visit to Somalia since 1994 Gaza parties urged to reach deal before truce expires at midnight Fighting in Tripoli poses serious threat to Libya's security, stability Lack of education provides breeding ground for terrorism: Ban Aid workers scaling up efforts to help thousands of Iraqi displaced Ebola-affected countries to check for "signs of virus" at international departures
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São Tomé – Saved by Chocolate

Solar drying of cocoa beans. ©IFAD/Susan Beccio

São Tomé in West Africa was once the world’s biggest exporter of cocoa, but a decade ago the global…

20 Aug 2014 / Listen /

Fiji: the Organic Island

Fiji (UNifeed video capture)

Fiji is an island country in the South Pacific that faces unique economic and environmental challenges. In response to…

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World Humanitarian Day honours those who risk to help others

Thousands of refugees —mainly from Bangladesh, Nigeria, Mali and Chad— receive food rations in the border town of Sallum, Egypt, after fleeing the ongoing crisis in neighbouring Libya. OCHA/David Ohana

The UN is observing World Humanitarian Day on Tuesday to recognize and honour humanitarian workers who are helping millions…

19 Aug 2014 / Listen /

#GirlWithABook creators meet Malala

Lena Shareef and Olivia Curl (UN Radio@PHOTO)

A social media campaign in support of young girls' education is making a difference worldwide. #GirlWithABook was started by…

19 Aug 2014 / Listen /
Town of Amirli in northern Iraq remains under siege: OCHA official UN health agency appeals for $14 million to scale up operations in Ukraine UN marks 500 days from deadline for MDGs Avoiding a hard landing in China: IMF Lessons in traditional music revitalise indigenous self-identity Ebola remains serious health problem in West Africa Jobless growth in India "worrying" for policy makers Small fish, big gains in Bangladesh Humanitarian crisis in Iraq declared highest of emergency by UN Paternity rights recognise role of fathers as care-givers Irrigation projects help farmers in rural Tanzania Senior UN official warns of famine in South Sudan
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World Humanitarian Day 2014 trailer: Voices from the Field


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UN Radio Classics

Melvyn Douglas. UN Photo


Actor Melvyn Douglas tells the story of UN staff working in the field, lending his voice as an ‘eyewitness’ to poverty around the globe and the cruelties of war. Language:…

18 Aug 2014 / Listen /

The Day It Happened

Madeleine Carroll.  UN Photo/MB

A drama on the work of the International Red Cross, featuring actors Madeleine Carroll and Franchot Tone, writer Lowell Thomas, and Dag…

18 Aug 2014 / Listen /
Ten Steps Forward