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WHO warns of Ebola disease explosion in West Africa

After being triaged at the emergency room, people presenting Ebola-like symptoms are directed to the Department of Infectious Disease. Conakry, Guinea. Photo: WHO/T. Jasarevic

The World Health Organisation is warning that the Ebola outbreak in West Africa could become a public health catastrophe if not brought under control soon. A study undertaken jointly by WHO and the…

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Syrian Kurds face persecution by ISIL fighters

Syrian refugee women. UNHCR/N. Daoud

Hundreds of thousands of Kurds living in the northern Syrian region of Kobani are living in fear of persecution by the militant group Islamic state(ISIL) according to the UN Human Rights Office (OHCHR).…

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UN chief pledges to do "everything possible" to support indigenous peoples New bird flu virus threatens animal health and livelihoods in South-East Asia Lack of transparency in use of armed drones creates concern: UN official Over 180,000 women still die from pregnancy and childbirth in Africa Accord to end fighting in Yemen is welcomed by UN chief Countries urged to reap the "demographic dividend" 120 world leaders expected at Climate Summit UN establishes trust fund for response to Ebola in West Africa No "Plan B" for climate action as no "Planet B"
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Cost of climate change "unbearable": UN chief

Ban Ki-moon. UN Photo/Mark Garten

The human, environmental and financial cost of climate change is becoming increasingly unbearable, the UN Secretary-General told world leaders…

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General public can contribute to stop climate change

UN Photo/R Marklin

People across the world can make a tangible contribution to reducing climate change through the personal choices they make,…

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Activists explore how technology and new media can boost equality


Grass-roots activists are getting together with business, civil society and the United Nations to discuss how technology and new…

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Carers seek to offer more support to women who are raped in South Sudan


Women in South Sudan are increasingly becoming victims of gender-based violence and rape as a result of the ongoing…

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Renovated General Assembly Hall reopens for global debate

General Assembly Hall. UN Photo/Kim Haughton

The UN General Assembly (GA) Hall, which has been described as the greatest of Parliaments, underwent a massive renovation…

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Bolivia, Ecuador hailed for advances made in indigenous rights First-ever UN World Conference on Indigenous Peoples opens First Ladies of Africa working together to empower women Mobile solar computer classroom brings technology to women in Uganda 300,000 people march in New York to halt climate change The world cares about climate change UN nuclear watchdog agency holds its biggest annual event Samoa pushes to reduce gender violence and increase political representation of women Emma Watson joining fight against gender inequality in HeForShe campaign Justice demanded for "mass murder" of migrants in Mediterranean Lebanon needs "massive solidarity" to help Syrian refugees: UNHCR
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Middelgruden Offshore Wind Farm in Denmark. UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe

The Energetic Trio

The 1961 UN Radio programme explores a future with clean energy sources. Scientists discuss the possibilities of utilizing the sun, wind and heat stored deep beneath the earth's surface and…

17 Sep 2014 / Listen /

The Yeti

Hagen at work in Nepal. UN PHOTO.

Toni Hagen the Swiss geologist, Aila the sherpa and Fritz the dachshund traverse the Himalayas over and over enough to have climbed…

15 Sep 2014 / Listen /
Three Buildings by a River