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Ukraine investigator warns over Mariupol escalation

UN Assistant Secretary General for Human Rights Ivan Simonovic

In their latest report on the conflict in Ukraine, UN human rights investigators say there's been a stark escalation in hostilities with devastating consequences for affected communities. New estimates from the Office of…

2 Mar 2015 / Listen /
Nuclear technology can help countries meet development needs Abducted South Sudan children going "from classroom to front line" "Brutal" killing of Russian opposition leader condemned Time to close gender equality gap ISIL "barbaric acts" stiffens resolve of Security Council to defeat group $377 million appeal launched for Mali as malnutrition fears grow Malawi food damage hampers bid to beat cholera Yemen could "spiral out of control" if deadlock continues
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Security Council to impose targeted sanctions for peace in South Sudan

Security Council Chamber. UN Photo/Devra Berkowitz

The Security Council on Tuesday decided to set up a system to impose sanctions on individuals who are regarded…

3 Mar 2015 / Listen /

Korean peninsula is a nuclear powder keg, warns DRPK envoy at UN talks

A chemical weapons haul.  UN Photo/H Arvidsson

Democratic People's Republic of Korea Foreign Minister Ri Su Yong warned Tuesday that the state has the capacity to…

3 Mar 2015 / Listen /

"Balanced approach" urged in dealing with illicit drug problem

Heroin. Photo: UNODC (file)

The trafficking and abuse of drugs continue to be a serious problem around the world, according to a new…

3 Mar 2015 / Listen /

Over a thousand Iraqis killed from acts of violence, terrorism

People fleeing intense fighting in Mosul, the third largest city in Iraq, crossing into the Erbil governerate. Photo: UNHCR/Inge Colijn

Over a thousand Iraqis have died from acts of violence and terrorism, and more than 2,000 were wounded in…

2 Mar 2015 / Listen /

US, Russia move into diplomatic overdrive at UN Human Rights Council

UN Photo

Russia's Foreign Minister and the US Secretary of State stepped up the diplomatic pace at the UN in Geneva…

2 Mar 2015 / Listen /
Situation in Golan Heights "challenging", says UN observer force chief Mixed report on global efforts to fight organized crime
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Charles Boyer addressing audience at the Civic Center, 30 April, at rally sponsored by the Free World Association and Americans United.
30 April 1945.  UN Photo/Eastman

Peace on Earth

Actor Charles Boyer discusses the cruelties of war, highlighting the urgency for peace in troubled areas such as Korea, India, Iraq, Germany and Syria, and giving a voice to soldiers…

24 Dec 2014 / Listen /

1996 Declaration of World Thanksgiving

UN Photo

The United Nations celebrates the 1996 Declaration of World Thanksgiving, marking the first time every country in the General Assembly unanimously voted…

4 Nov 2014 / Listen /
The War on Flu