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Nauru urged to withdraw measures threatening freedom of expression

UN investigator David Kaye wants to see states promote encryption to protect people's identities with no possibility of "backdoor" access to data.

Nauru has been urged by the UN to withdraw recent amendments to the country's criminal code which it says "unduly restrict" the freedom of expression. The maximum penalty for being found guilty of…

22 May 2015 / Listen /

Samoa pushes to reduce gender violence and increase political representation of women

UN Women Logo

Efforts are underway on the Pacific Ocean island of Samoa to reduce gender violence and increase the political representation…

21 Sep 2014 /

Women in Caribbean need to understand "bigger picture" on climate change

Satellite image of the Caicos Islands in the northern Caribbean from NASA.  UN Photo/USGS/NASA

Women in the Caribbean need to understand the "bigger picture" on climate change so they can engage with policy…

9 Sep 2014 /

Small Island Developing States get a helping hand from a UN agency

Coastline of the Pacific small island developing state of Fiji. ©IFAD

Small Islands Developing States (SIDS) which spread across the Indian, Pacific and Atlantic Oceans have their own special needs…

9 Sep 2014 /
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