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News in Brief 23 May 2016 (PM)


New partnership to boost response to organized crime and terrorism Tackling the challenges of transnational organized crime and terrorism is the goal of a new agreement between the UN Office on Drugs and…

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Political will and investment needed to end obstetric fistula


Two million women and girls worldwide suffer from obstetric fistula, an injury caused during childbirth due to prolonged, obstructed labour without treatment. That's according to the UN Secretary-General, who adds that there are…

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Jamie Oliver: I've never been more depressed by kids' diets


Children's diets have never been so bad but there is a way to change this for the better, top chef Jamie Oliver told the UN on Monday. The British cook and food campaigner…

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News in Brief 23 May 2016 (AM)
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New humanitarian education fund is "powerful lever for change"


A new humanitarian fund for education in emergencies launched at the World Humanitarian Summit, is "a powerful lever for…

24 May 2016 / Listen /

Hunger levels 3 times higher during "protracted crises"

A vendor in a market in Niger's capital Niamey. File Photo: OCHA/David Ohana

"Protracted crises" brought on by conflict lead, on average, to a tripling in the number of people going hungry,…

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Innovative solutions help save lives in humanitarian crises

Hospitainer at the World Humanitarian Summit. Photo: Hospitainer

Innovative solutions to saving lives during emergencies are being highlighted at the first ever United Nations World Humanitarian Summit,…

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"Not end point, but turning point" for international aid system


The first ever World Humanitarian Summit has come to a close with the UN Secretary General, describing it as…

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Aid given to groups that violate human rights must end


Nations and organizations must stop giving aid, money, and arms to groups that systematically violate human rights. That's the…

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"We are here to shape a different future": UN chief opens historic summit


The world needs to "shape a different future" to give people "a chance at a life in dignity." That's…

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"This is the end of the world": powerful stories heard at WHS
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Photo: United Nations

People in Houses

Princess Grace of Monaco stars in this drama about the life of refugees in Europe.   Duration: 28’46″…

24 Dec 2015 / Listen /

Life Begins at Ten


American actors Doris Day and Gregory Peck join Eleanor Roosevelt to raise awareness on the life of refugees in Europe. Duration: 14’21″…

24 Dec 2015 / Listen /
Declaration of Human Rights by Eleanor Roosevelt

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