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UN Syria envoy “deeply concerned” by escalation in fighting

Staffan de Mistura, United Nations Special Envoy for Syria briefs the press in Geneva. 24 March 2017. UN Photo/Violaine Martin

The UN Special Envoy for Syria said on Saturday he was “deeply concerned” at the recent escalation in fighting in Damascus and elsewhere around the country. Intra-Syrian talks are under way in Geneva…

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Massive campaign to stamp out polio once and for all in Africa

Polio vaccination in South Sudan. UN Photo/JC McIlwaine

One of the largest polio vaccination campaigns ever will be carried out in Africa over the coming week, two UN agencies announced on Friday. Some 116 million children in 13 countries will be…

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Climate change "threat" to SDGs "not a question of opinion": UN chief South Sudanese government yet to show "meaningful concern" for citizens Zeid had "no choice" but to repeat Yemen probe call Sri Lanka hears new call for international justice commission Cancer a "growing burden" on low- and middle-income countries: IAEA Groups "in every society left behind" in human development: UNDP
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#RememberSlavery: African rhythms permeate Cuban music

Traditional batá drum maker in Cuba. Photo: UN Television/J. Park

More than 15 million African men, women and children were brought to the New World due to the transatlantic…

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"Cultural cleansing" by terrorists is a war crime: UNESCO chief

Destruction at the World Heritage site of Palmyra in Syria. Photo: ©UNESCO/Francesco Bandarin (file) 26979

The destruction of cultural heritage by terrorists, described as "cultural cleansing" by the Director-General of the UN Educational, Scientific…

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Slavery last great "unmentionable" that shaped the world: historian

Lonnie Bunch.  UN Photo/Rick Bajornas

Slavery is the last great "unmentionable" that has profoundly shaped every corner of the world although it happened centuries…

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Prevent famine in Somalia from recurring, UN mission head urges

A mother gives her daughter a drink of rehydrating salts at a hospital in Mogadishu, Somalia. March 2017. UN Photo/Tobin Jones

Following successful elections, the longer-term objective for Somalia and the international community "has to be" to prevent famine from…

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“Short-lived climate pollutants” more potent than CO2: experts

Helena Molina Valdes (L) and Rita Cerruti (R) of the Climate and Clean Air Coalition (CCAC) at a UN event on Climate Climate Change and the Sustainable Development Agenda on 23 March 2017. UN Photo/J.Sambira

  Curbing emissions of short-lived climate pollutants, or SLCPs, such as as black carbon and methane, can slow down…

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Somalia experiencing moment of hope and tragedy: UN special envoy "Only way out" for DR Congo is through a “political solution" "Important" for more Ukrainian women to enter politics Over half a million people still trapped in western Mosul in Iraq: WFP Wastewater offers huge potential despite "yuck factor": UN report
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People in Houses

Princess Grace of Monaco stars in this drama about the life of refugees in Europe.   Duration: 28’46″…

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Life Begins at Ten


American actors Doris Day and Gregory Peck join Eleanor Roosevelt to raise awareness on the life of refugees in Europe. Duration: 14’21″…

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Declaration of Human Rights by Eleanor Roosevelt

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