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"Aggressive" tobacco firms threaten global health deal, warns UN chief

Ten years after a UN-led agreement was signed to curb global tobacco use, World Health Organization (WHO) experts say it faces unprecedented pressure from the industry's major producers. Describing tobacco companies as increasingly…

27 Feb 2015 / Listen /
Paraguay making a difference around the world Syria refugee crisis overwhelms international response capacity Assyrian Christians and other ISIL hostages must be released Identifying victims can help fight modern slavery Yemen parties urged to dialogue and reject violence Paraguay makes progress in fighting poverty, illegal drug trade
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Landmines do not recognise peace, says UN agency at launch of $296 million appeal

Demining engineer of the Mine Action Programme of Afghanistan clears an anti-personnel landmine. UN Photo/UNMACA

Mine clearance takes time and money and the UN agency that's leading global efforts against the deadly ordnance says…

28 Feb 2015 / Listen /

Women in South Sudan turning "challenges into opportunities"

South Sudan

Women in South Sudan are turning the challenges they face on a daily basis into "opportunities." That's according to…

28 Feb 2015 / Listen /

De-escalation of conflict in Ukraine reported

Security Council meeting regarding Ukraine. UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe

A package of measures recently agreed upon to end the conflict in Ukraine needs to be fully implemented, the…

27 Feb 2015 / Listen /

Most Palestinians in Gaza have "no hope for the future"

Palestinian children weep at the funeral for their loved ones in Rafah, southern Gaza Strip. Photo: UNICEF/El Baba (file)

Most of the 1.8 million residents of Gaza have no hope for the future according to the UN Children's…

27 Feb 2015 / Listen /

1.1 billion face deafness threat from audio devices

Make Listening Safe. Image: WHO

At least 1.1 billion young people are at risk of irreversible hearing loss from the unsafe use of personal…

27 Feb 2015 / Listen /
Fish-drying technology boosts livelihoods in Ivorian towns Baku comes late to urban planning Global community "must not fail in Gaza", say 30 aid agencies Land governance programme to protect vulnerable communities UN Forum on Forests at "crossroads" says its director
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Charles Boyer addressing audience at the Civic Center, 30 April, at rally sponsored by the Free World Association and Americans United.
30 April 1945.  UN Photo/Eastman

Peace on Earth

Actor Charles Boyer discusses the cruelties of war, highlighting the urgency for peace in troubled areas such as Korea, India, Iraq, Germany and Syria, and giving a voice to soldiers…

24 Dec 2014 / Listen /

1996 Declaration of World Thanksgiving

UN Photo

The United Nations celebrates the 1996 Declaration of World Thanksgiving, marking the first time every country in the General Assembly unanimously voted…

4 Nov 2014 / Listen /
The War on Flu