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Over 500 million children live in conflict or disaster-stricken countries


More than half a billion children live in countries affected by conflict or disaster, without access to medical care, quality education, proper food and protection. New figures, released by the UN Children's Fund…

8 Dec 2016 / Listen /

Ukraine civilians face ongoing rights violations


The unresolved conflict in Ukraine continues to claim civilian lives and leave thousands of people at risk from a host of rights violations, the UN warned on Thursday. In a new report into…

8 Dec 2016 / Listen /
Protect refugee children on the move, UNHCR chief urges Pain of Korea's separated families is felt every day Seven million people in Syria receiving medical supplies from UN Fight against hunger slows down in Asia Pacific UN generates over US$3 billion a year to NYC's economy Security Council fails to reach "common ground" regarding Aleppo truce UN calls for better protection of refugees in the EU and globally
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Women face cultural and safety barriers in entering the digital economy


Women are more reluctant to engage in the digital economy because of cultural and safety barriers, coupled with a…

10 Dec 2016 / Listen /

"Concern has only deepened" over "appalling" rights violations in DPRK

A wide view of the Security Council Chamber UN Photo/Rick Bajornas

"Concern has only deepened" over "appalling" human rights violations carried out by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, DPRK,…

9 Dec 2016 / Listen /

Corruption "steals" from everyone in society


Corruption "steals" from everyone in society according to a representative from the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC).…

9 Dec 2016 / Listen /

“Everyone can make a difference” to human rights


Anyone and everyone can make a difference when it comes to human rights. That's the message behind a new…

9 Dec 2016 / Listen /

Desperate appeals to evacuate injured from Aleppo

Jan Egeland. UN Photo/Daniel Johnson

"Desperate appeals" are being made for humanitarian workers to evacuate the sick and injured from Syria's Aleppo amid continued…

8 Dec 2016 / Listen /
246 million children are victims of school-related violence Harsh winter increases humanitarian needs in Eastern Ukraine Lord's Resistance Army continues to cause "unspeakable suffering" With right Haiti response "cholera will go" Libyan political accord "stands firm, but stuck" "Essential services" provided to mankind by biodiversity UN brings economic, cultural and educational benefits to New York City Internet forum addresses challenge of connecting 3.9 billion
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People in Houses

Princess Grace of Monaco stars in this drama about the life of refugees in Europe.   Duration: 28’46″…

24 Dec 2015 / Listen /

Life Begins at Ten


American actors Doris Day and Gregory Peck join Eleanor Roosevelt to raise awareness on the life of refugees in Europe. Duration: 14’21″…

24 Dec 2015 / Listen /
Declaration of Human Rights by Eleanor Roosevelt

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