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UN chief welcomes ratification of Colombia peace agreement

Internally displaced children, victims of conflict in Colombia. UN Photo/Mark Garten

The ratification of Colombia's peace agreement has been hailed by the UN Secretary-General as "a major milestone." Colombia's parliament this week ratified a revised version of the deal signed by the Government and…

2 Dec 2016 / Listen /

US$1 billion appeal launched to address Africa's largest humanitarian crisis

Displaced girl suffering from malnutrition in Kuya camp, Monsuno, Nigeria. Photo: UNHCR/Hélène Caux

Humanitarians are appealing for US$1 billion to meet the needs of nearly seven million people affected by insecurity in north-east Nigeria. They are calling on the international community and the private sector to…

2 Dec 2016 / Listen /
UN apologizes for Haiti cholera and calls for US$400 million to address crisis Shelter "urgently needed for displaced from Syria's Aleppo" Scale up efforts to prevent HIV infections in youth: UNICEF Make nutrition a public issue to address malnutrition impacts: FAO chief "Speaking out protects life": UN chief marks World Aids Day Latest DPRK nuclear test prompts toughest UN Security Council sanctions Thousands of people remain in opposition areas in Syria's Aleppo
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Record aid appeal launched to help 93 million people


Unprecedented levels of suffering not seen since the end of the Second World War has prompted a US $22.2…

5 Dec 2016 / Listen /

Thai king's legacy on soil "can benefit families of farmers" globally

Virachai Plasai. UN Photo/Manuel Elias

The former King of Thailand's focus on improving soil quality can help "families of farmers around the world" reach…

5 Dec 2016 / Listen /

Healthy soil "enables" life on earth and mitigates climate change


Healthy soil "enables" life on earth and is one of the biggest bulwarks against climate change, according to the…

5 Dec 2016 / Listen /

Social media a "powerful channel" for space industry

Scott Kelly. Photo: UNOOSA

Space exploration is the story of "very passionate people that do ground-breaking stuff" and is not only about rockets…

3 Dec 2016 / Listen /

"Make cities accessible, keep persons with disabilities visible"


One of the ways to break down the stigma faced by persons with disabilities is to make cities more…

3 Dec 2016 / Listen /
"Affordable, absolutely green" housing showcased at UN conference "Full inclusion" of persons with disabilities, vital to reach SDGs "Fear can't put dreams asleep": Stevie Wonder marks disability day Preserving "Chapei Dang Veng" important to Cambodia's heritage Zero waste guru gives UN Radio a sustainability check-up Global response needed to stop use of ICTs to commit terrorist acts HIV-positive women “face more discrimination than men” Space-based information saving lives on Earth
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Photo: United Nations

People in Houses

Princess Grace of Monaco stars in this drama about the life of refugees in Europe.   Duration: 28’46″…

24 Dec 2015 / Listen /

Life Begins at Ten


American actors Doris Day and Gregory Peck join Eleanor Roosevelt to raise awareness on the life of refugees in Europe. Duration: 14’21″…

24 Dec 2015 / Listen /
Declaration of Human Rights by Eleanor Roosevelt

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