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Genocide can be prevented with information and mobilization

Shelves filled with skulls as a reminder of genocide.  UN Photo/John Isaac

Genocide can be prevented with information and mobilization, as well as with courage and political will, according to the Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations. Jan Eliasson spoke at a Security Council…

16 Apr 2014 / Listen /
Ban calls for immediate release of all school girls abducted in Nigeria Memorial in New York to mark 20th commemoration of Rwandan Genocide Ban asks for renewed global partnership to reach development goals Tribunal rejects Ratko Mladić's request for acquittal More aid arriving in Ethiopia to protect South Sudanese refugees Settlers urged not to take over Hebron building UN chief to make appeal to work together and reach MDGs Iran urged to halt execution of woman Michael Douglas tells youth to lead change for disarmament Misinformation and incitement to hatred must be addressed in Ukraine Modest trade growth anticipated for next two years following slump All countries can reach Universal Health Coverage UN chief condemns "indiscriminate" killing of people in Nigeria bus station attack Constructive dialogue needed between Kiev and Moscow, says Ban Ki-moon Torture at "reception parties" in Syrian detention facilities Sixty-five per cent of chemical weapons removed from Syria Children given right to complain to UN about violations of their rights European governments discuss health and environmental impacts of transport Call to invest more in human development on Global Day of Action on Military Spending Up to 40,000 Russian troops amassed near Ukraine border Russia accused of "waging war against Ukraine" Vote counting proceeds smoothly in Guinea Bissau
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UN supported-project provides water to Kenyan farmers

Mount Kenya East Pilot Project ©IFAD/MKEPP

More than seven million seedlings have been planted in the water catchment along the eastern slopes of Mount Kenya.…

17 Apr 2014 / Listen /

Women in Papua plant roots of independence

Papua women farmers.  IFAD

Papua, Indonesia's easternmost province is one of the most remote and least developed corners on the planet. It's a…

17 Apr 2014 / Listen /

Security Council remembers 1994 Rwanda genocide

The Rwanda genocide.

The slaughter of approximately 800,000 Tutsis and moderate Hutus in Rwanda in 1994 was remembered in the Security Council…

16 Apr 2014 / Listen /

Rwandan genocide survivor advocates for peace and forgiveness

United Nations 20th Commemoration of the Rwanda Genocide

The youth in Rwanda must learn to forgive and live together, a genocide survivor said during a memorial ceremony…

16 Apr 2014 / Listen /
Brazilian footballer to promote AIDS awareness Female car-washers in South Sudan break gender stereotypes New life begins for evacuated orphans in South Sudan Actor Michael Douglas calls on youth to champion disarmament issues New treaty empowers children to stand for their rights Over 95,000 South Sudanese refugees arrive in Ethiopia UN rapporteur waits to hear about execution of Iranian woman Detainees in Syria routinely "tortured" Ukraine accuses Russia of "waging war" Guinea-Bissau holds "watershed" general elections Countries urged to step up action against destructive banana disease Evaluation tools central to success of development goals "The Little Prince's Day" highlights common values with the UN “Digital smoke signals” used as disaster alert in Indonesia Guinea-Bissau prepares for "most important" elections Political commitment needed to create equitable cities Heavy rainfalls and continued fighting exacerbate South Sudan crisis Countries urged to provide poorest people with equal access to water and hygiene services Free app helps locate wrongly lit city street lamps Industrialization crucial for structural transformation in Africa
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Never Again: An Interview with Adama Dieng, Special Adviser on Prevention of Genocide


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