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Malawi flood victims still cut off months after disaster, says WFP

Houses, roads and bridges were washed away by the flooding, hampering aid deliveries.

The devastating floods that hit Malawi at the start of the year affected more than one million people and…

1 Apr 2015 / Listen /

Project to restore food security begins in northern Mali

A farmer participating in an FAO project in Mali on sustainable intensification of agriculture sorts niebe beans. FAO@PHOTO

A project to restore the livelihoods of households in northern Mali is being implemented by the UN Food and…

1 Apr 2015 / Listen /

Zimbabwean men learning that women can be breadwinners

Men in Zimbabwe are learning that women can be family breadwinners. UN Photo.

Men in Zimbabwe are learning that women can be family breadwinners; that's according to a community-based organization working on…

1 Apr 2015 / Listen /

"Shadow banking" needs regulation, says a financial expert


Non-bank lending or "shadow banks" continues to happen without sufficient regulations, according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). At…

1 Apr 2015 / Listen /
"Savagery" of Syria crisis continues as donors meet FAO appeals for US$121 million to support livelihoods in Syria Refugee "push-back" deaths prompt Bulgaria probe call Campaign launched to eradicate "goat plague" Model UN helps South African student understand global issues
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Charles Boyer addressing audience at the Civic Center, 30 April, at rally sponsored by the Free World Association and Americans United.
30 April 1945.  UN Photo/Eastman

Peace on Earth

Actor Charles Boyer discusses the cruelties of war, highlighting the urgency for peace in troubled areas such as Korea, India, Iraq, Germany and Syria, and giving a voice to soldiers…

24 Dec 2014 / Listen /

1996 Declaration of World Thanksgiving

UN Photo

The United Nations celebrates the 1996 Declaration of World Thanksgiving, marking the first time every country in the General Assembly unanimously voted…

4 Nov 2014 / Listen /
The War on Flu