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NGO freedom under threat at UN


The freedom of non-governmental organizations to work without interference is under threat at the United Nations according to the UN Secretary-General. Speaking at an international NGO conference in South Korea, Ban Ki-moon said…

30 May 2016 / Listen /

Libya medical centre attacks condemned


Successive attacks on a hospital in Libya have been condemned by the World Health Organization (WHO), which says the country's healthcare system is on the brink of collapse. According to the UN agency,…

30 May 2016 / Listen /

Tech bank for Least Developed Countries among outcomes of UN conference

Participants at the Midterm Review of the Istanbul Programme of Action, in Antalya, Turkey. 27 May 2016. Photo: UNOHRLLS

The proposed establishment later this year of a technology bank to help 48 of the world's poorest countries to increase their scientific and technological capacities is among the outcomes of a UN conference…

29 May 2016 / Listen /
Conference reviews progress in world's Least Developed Countries Syria: Nearly 600,000 living under siege Resolve South China Sea dispute through peaceful dialogue: UN chief News in brief 27 May 2016 (PM)
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HIV: 17 million worldwide now accessing life-saving medicines

In Lesotho, A woman holds the AIDS anti-retroviral treatment medicine for her granddaughter. Photo: IRIN/Eva-Lotta Jansson

There has been an "extraordinary scale-up" in the number of people living with HIV who are now accessing life-saving…

31 May 2016 / Listen /

WHO: get ready for plain packaging on tobacco

More countries are making progress towards implementing plain packaging on tobacco products, WHO says. Photo: Ahmed Ouma

Plain packaging of tobacco products saves lives by reducing demand, and more governments should follow the lead taken by…

31 May 2016 / Listen /

Insurance "safety net" will help guard against farming disasters


A bigger insurance "safety net" for farmers at risk of losing everything in a natural disaster is being extended…

31 May 2016 / Listen /

Indigenous community in Panama winning fight against hunger


Panama has made huge strides in reducing hunger, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) reports. The Central American nation…

31 May 2016 / Listen /

Afghan father-son duo bike 7,000 miles for peace


A father and son cycling team from Afghanistan have biked 7,000 miles to deliver a hopeful message of peace…

30 May 2016 / Listen /

Sowing new seeds to end hunger in Central African Republic


A campaign to help around 50,000 subsistence-farming families in the Central African Republic (CAR) break out of their cycle…

30 May 2016 / Listen /
With global support "peace is doable" in Darfur Peacekeeping a "cause worth dying for" More action needed for countries to graduate from LDC group Agriculture key to transform world's Least Developed Countries "Graduation is not everything" for Least Developed Countries
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People in Houses

Princess Grace of Monaco stars in this drama about the life of refugees in Europe.   Duration: 28’46″…

24 Dec 2015 / Listen /

Life Begins at Ten


American actors Doris Day and Gregory Peck join Eleanor Roosevelt to raise awareness on the life of refugees in Europe. Duration: 14’21″…

24 Dec 2015 / Listen /
Declaration of Human Rights by Eleanor Roosevelt

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