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Cell phones in developing countries encourage "reading without books"

© Worldreader, A Masai girl, wearing traditional beaded jewelery, reads on a low-end Android phone, Kenya. UNESCO@PHOTO

People in the developing world are using their mobile devices to read full length books and stories, according to…

23 Apr 2014 / Listen /

Shipwrecks offer "huge potential" for small island states

Pollockshields Wreck, Bermudas. [UNESCO/E. Trainito]

Shipwrecks and other types of underwater cultural heritage offer "huge potential" for small island states according to a senior…

23 Apr 2014 / Listen /

Nuclear Science in Cancer Treatment


Radiation Oncology is a medical method used for treating cancer. It uses ionizing radiation to kill cancer cells. The…

23 Apr 2014 / Listen /

Evidence of hundreds of executions in South Sudan's Bentiu

UNMISS Mongolian battalion evacuating civilians on 16 April from Bentiu, Unity State, after conflict broke out between government and oppostion forces. Photo: UNMISS

The UN has said there is evidence of executions which have taken place in the South Sudanese town of…

22 Apr 2014 / Listen /
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WHO: World Immunization Week 2014 – Know, Check, Protect


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ECOSOC Chamber

The New Frontier

Starring actor Edward G. Robinson, this programme describes how the path to universal peace and prosperity is “the new frontier” for mankind and tasks for the UN Economic and Social…

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Freedom of the skies

ICAO Emblem

A drama portraying the creation of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the UN body in charge of rules of airspace, aircraft…

9 Apr 2014 / Listen /
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