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News in Brief 13 December 2017 (PM)

Listen / CAPTION: A convoy bound for East Ghouta, Syria. (file) Photo: OCHA/Ghalia Seifo

At least 15 besieged Syrian civilians dead due to lack of medical care At least 15 civilians in urgent need of medical evacuation have died in the besieged Syrian enclave of eastern Ghouta, the UN said on Wednesday. Humanitarian agencies called for Government forces besieging the suburb east of the capital Damascus, to allow around [...]

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"Internet governance is key amid expanding digital landscape"

Listen / IGF press briefing

Cybersecurity, the internet and human rights are on the agenda at the UN next week. Beginning on Monday, the Twelfth Internet Governance Forum (IGF) will explore the evolving digital landscape and discuss how it should be managed. The event takes place amid what organisers have called a "profound transformation, even disruption" of everyday life caused [...]

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UN Daily News Programme 13 December 2017

Listen / UN-Radio-micro32

Listen to our daily bulletin of news and features from the United Nations, presented by Matt Wells and Dianne Penn. In today’s programme:  How you can help reduce the amount of electronic waste worldwide; and: Biological weapons threat under the spotlight at the UN in Geneva.

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News in Brief 13 December 2017 (AM)

Listen / CAPTION: A health-care professional takes a patient's blood pressure. Photo: World Bank/Olja Latinovic

Half the world lacks access to "essential health services" At least half of the world's population lacks access to essential health services, with around 100 million people forced to live in "extreme poverty" due to the cost of health care. That's the grim reality highlighted by a new report from the World Bank and the World [...]

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Consumers can help bring down "e-waste mountain": UN report

Listen / 03-16-2012-ewaste_350

The number of discarded laptops, mobile phones, televisions and other electronic items worldwide weighs as much as 1.2 million heavy-duty trucks lined up from New York to Bangkok and back. And while this e-waste, as it's known, contains around $55 billion worth of gold, silver, copper and other valuable material, only about 20 per cent [...]

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