UN and Africa: Industrialization in Africa, and Peacekeeping efforts in DR Congo and South Sudan

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Central Market in Kumasi, one of the largest and fastest growing metropolitan areas in Ghana.
Photo: Jonathan Ernst/World Bank

Industrialization in Africa will help eradicate poverty, transform economies

Urban demand could be "a lever" for industrialization across Africa.  That's according to Giovanie Biha, Deputy Executive Secretary at the UN Economic Commission for Africa (ECA), which has launched a report on industrial development on the continent.  With an increasing fraction of the population living in cities, Africa faces growing challenges in terms of services and infrastructure.  Ms Biha spoke with Priscilla Lecomte about how this rapid urbanization could be beneficial, and propel economic growth.




Melonie Kastman with Malawian Peacekeepers in the DR Congo.
Photo: Alex Naufel

Film bears witness to work of UN peacekeepers in DRC

After seeing negative news reports about UN peacekeepers, American filmmaker Melonie Kastman was inspired to share some positive stories surrounding the blue helmets.  She spent several months embedded with the Force Intervention Brigade at the UN mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo to document life in North Kivu province—one of the country’s most hostile and unstable areas.  What she saw there confirmed her belief that UN peacekeepers are unabashedly dedicated to the goal of achieving peace in communities affected by conflict.  Ms Kastman spoke to Liz Scaffidi about her film ‘Until There is Peace,’ which was shown recently at UN Headquarters in New York.



Kellen Businga, Rwandan police officer serving at the UN Mission in South Sudan. Photo:UNMISS/Eric Kanalstein

"Generosity and honesty" of women officers contributes to role of UN Police 

The "generosity and honesty" of women officers contributes to role of UN Police (UNPOL) in South Sudan, according to a female Rwandan officer working in the UN mission there.  The UN peacekeeping operation, UNMISS, has provided sanctuary to some 213,000 people in Protection of Civilians or POC sites around the conflict-affected country.  UNPOL plays a key part in making sure those civilians remain safe.  In Juba, some 38,000 people live in a POC next to the UN base and like any small town of that size, gangs and criminality are problems.  Assistant Inspector Kellen Businga of Rwanda who is one of around 260 female police officers from around the world deployed at UNMISS, recently took part in a search for illegal weapons outside the camp.  Daniel Dickinson asked her about the operation.


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