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Jane Connors, newly-appointed Victims' Rights Advocate for the United Nations. UN Photo/Jean-Marc Ferré

UN appoints first Victims' Rights Advocate

The United Nations has appointed an advocate for victims of sexual exploitation and abuse.

Jane Connors of Australia will be the first person to hold the position, the global organization announced on Wednesday.

She is currently the International Advocacy Director for Law and Policy with Amnesty International in Geneva, and has had a long career in human rights and humanitarian assistance.

Stéphane Dujarric is Spokesman for the UN Secretary-General.

"As you will recall, in his report on 'Special measures for protection from sexual exploitation and abuse: a new approach,' the Secretary-General pledged that the UN will put the rights and dignity of victims at the forefront of its efforts to prevent and respond to sexual exploitation and abuse.  As Victims' Rights Advocate, Ms. Connors will support an integrated, strategic response to victim assistance in coordination with UN system actors with responsibility for assisting victims. She will work with government institutions, civil society, and national and legal and human rights organizations to build networks of support and to help ensure that the full effect of local laws, including remedies for victims, are brought to bear."

Study examines link between drought and migration in three Central American countries

Prolonged droughts in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras are linked to the increase in people fleeing these countries for the United States of America.

That's the finding of a study published on Wednesday by two UN agencies and their partners.

It documents a trend of younger and more vulnerable people leaving areas where access to food is a problem, particularly in the Dry Corridor, a drought-prone region that crosses the three countries.

The study shows that migrants' families also are affected as they often have to pay the debts of the person who has left.

Miguel Barreto is Regional Director for Latin America and the Caribbean with the World Food Programme (WFP), one of the UN agencies that contributed to the report.

"The idea of this study is basically to highlight and to bring attention that we have to invest in long-term food security programmes in order to prevent more people from migrating."

WFP delivers aid to scores affected by Bangladesh floods

In more news from the World Food Programme:

WFP is delivering emergency supplies to more than 200,000 people in northwest Bangladesh following massive floods which have affected more than half of the country.

Many of the survivors have lost everything: their homes, possessions and crops.

The UN agency is concerned about the impact the flooding will have on longer-term food security.

Overall, nearly seven million Bangladeshis have been affected by the floods, which have destroyed more than 580,000 hectares of crop land.

Dianne Penn, United Nations.

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