UN chief appeals for "restraint" following US strikes against Syrian airbase

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Secretary-General António Guterres. UN Photo/Violaine Martin (file)

UN Secretary-General António Guterres is calling for restraint from all sides following reports of air strikes carried out by the United States against a Syrian airbase.

According to media reports, missiles were fired at the Shayrat Airbase in Homs province in response to Tuesday's alleged chemical weapons attack on a rebel-held town in southern Idlib.

In a statement released by his Spokesperson, the UN chief said he was "abhorred by the chemical weapons attack in Khan Shaykun and the death and injury of many innocent civilians".

Jocelyne Sambira has the details.

The Secretary-General said he continues to follow the situation in Syria "closely and with grave concern".

The United States conducted a series of air strikes against the Shayrat Airbase reacting to Tuesday's chemical weapons attack on the rebel town of Khan Shaykhun.

António Guterres strongly condemned the attack in which innocent children were killed and called for accountability for such crimes, in line with existing international norms and Security Council resolutions.

Upholding international law is a "prerequisite to ending the unrelenting suffering of the Syrian people", the Secretary-General noted.

He called on the Security Council to unite and exercise its responsibility to maintain international peace and security.

Mr Guterres also urged the warring parties in Syria to renew their commitment to making progress in the Geneva talks.

Jocelyne Sambira, United Nations.

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