UN chief: Germany a symbol of tolerance and hospitality

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UN Secretary-General António Guterres (left) at a press encounter alongside German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Source: Video screen capture.

The UN Secretary-General has praised Germany for being an example of tolerance and hospitality for people seeking protection, something which other nations should emulate.

António Guterres was speaking to journalists in Munich on Friday alongside the country's Chancellor, Angela Merkel.

Dianne Penn reports.

The Secretary-General pointed out that today's world is a place where conflicts are increasingly becoming interlinked and millions are on the move, while climate change threatens future generations.

"Global problems require global solutions," he stated.

The UN chief reaffirmed his belief in multilateralism: that is, the importance of countries coming together to address common challenges.

And he praised Germany for taking in scores of refugees and migrants.

"In a world where solidarity has many difficulties to be expressed; where we felt that so many were rejecting diversity, not understanding that diversity is a richness, not a threat; where so many populist, xenophobic demonstrations exist, Germany and Chancellor Merkel have been a symbol of tolerance, a symbol of hospitality, in relation to people in need of protection, and a symbol I would like to see followed in many, many other parts of the world in order for us to be able to respond to the dramatic suffering that we are witnessing because of the terrible conflicts that have spread around the world."

The Secretary-General arrived in Munich after attending the G20 foreign ministers summit in Bonn.

This is his first visit to the country since assuming his post in January.

Dianne Penn, United Nations.

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