Secretary-General highlights importance of reform at UN and beyond

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UN Secretary-General António Guterres addresses the World Government Summit in Dubai. Photo: World Government Summit

Reform in the way countries deal with each other and in the way international organizations operate is crucial to re-establishing global trust, the UN Secretary-General has said.

António Guterres’s comments came in an address to the World Government Summit in Dubai on Monday.

Dianne Penn reports.

The UN chief's remarks focused on the issue of trust and the need to improve governance.

He said mistrust between nations can lead to more conflicts and difficulties in solving them.

Mr Guterres also addressed the need for confidence in global multilateral institutions, such as the United Nations. 

"If you look at the UN for instance, there is a clear lack of confidence in the Security Council today and clear perception that the Security Council no longer corresponds to the logic of today's world in relation to what the world was after the Second World War, when the Security Council was built. It is clear that many international organizations lack the efficiency, the capacity, to respond effectively to the problems they face…There is a need also for deep reforms in global institutions."

The Secretary-General also underlined his deep commitment to reform at the UN, including in areas such as peacekeeping, management and development.

Dianne Penn, United Nations.

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