Remaining FARC-EP rebels lay down their weapons: UN

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Last of the FARC-EP (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia-People’s Army) arrive to the Veredales zones. Credit: UN Mission in Colombia

The remaining 300 members of the Revolutionary Armed Forces or FARC-EP rebels have arrived at the Agua Bonita transition site in central Colombia, to lay down their arms.

That's according to the UN mission in the country, whose team of international unarmed observers is responsible for monitoring the ceasefire as well as the disarmament and demobilization process.

The conflict between government and rebel forces lasted for more than 50 years, and cost more than 260,000 lives, before a revised peace deal with FARC was reached last November.

Jocelyne Sambira, United Nations.

The UN Mission in Colombia has confirmed that nearly 7,000 FARC-EP members arrived at zones where they will begin their transition to civilian life.

Under the UN-backed comprehensive peace deal, the rebel fighters are obliged to assemble in 27 disarmament zones.

The Government of Colombia is in charge of logistics in the camps hosting the rebels and their families.

Here's UN deputy spokesperson, Farhan Haq.

"In the past 19 days, members of the FARC-EP, men and women, some of them pregnant or with small children, rode cars, buses, boats or walked through 36 routes across the country. General Javier Pérez Aquino, head of the UN Mission observers, said that the FARC-EP's decision to move into the zones—in spite of the limited logistics in the majority of them—is very positive."

Mr Aquino said he hoped the presence of the former rebels will accelerate the construction works in the camps.

Meanwhile, the UN Mission will keep a permanent presence in the zones to verify the laying down of arms.

Jocelyne Sambira, United Nations.

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