UN Global Perspective: focus on South Sudan, cyberspace and climate change

UNMISS integrated convoy to Yei State, November 2016
Photo: UNMISS/Isaac Billy

"Cling to signs of hope" in South Sudan

It's necessary to "cling to every little sign of hope" in South Sudan as the country continues to suffer civil unrest and insecurity; that's the view of the head of UNMISS, the UN peacekeeping mission there. The country, which gained its independence in 2011 has suffered from conflict for almost three years. Thousands of people have died and more than two million have fled their homes.Head of UNMISS Ellen Løj has been in New York to brief the Security Council. I spoke to her just ahead of the meeting.

Security Council Chamber. UN Photo/Rick Bajornas

Debunking extremist narratives on the internet and social media

The fight to win back young people from the clutches of radical Islamists is being waged in cyberspace and on social media, the head of a regional organization promoting Muslim solidarity has said. The issue was discussed at a United Nations Security Council debate on "combating extremist ideology", at which the long-term UN partner, the Organization for Islamic Cooperation or OIC was a participant. Jocelyne Sambira has more.

Farmers in Fiji. Photo: IFAD/Susan Beccio

Agriculture "fundamental" to fighting climate change

Agriculture is a fundamental part of global efforts to combat the impacts of climate change, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). The UN agency is calling for a transformation of the sector that will see more sustainable management of water and other natural resources. Boosting agriculture can also help to reduce poverty and hunger while also creating jobs, especially for young people. Sandra Ferrari has been speaking to Mike Davis, Senior Natural Resources Officer at FAO headquarters in Rome.

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