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Fifty four year-old Adeniran has type 2 diabetes and receives regular care at a medical centre in Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria. He had his right foot amputated and wears a prosthesis. Type 2 diabetes results from the body's ineffective use of insulin. Photo: WHO/A. Esiebo

422 million have diabetes, nearly double rate 35 years ago

Around 422 million people now suffer from diabetes, a figure which has almost doubled in the past 35 years.

That's the clear message from the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, marking World Diabetes Day, on 14 November, who said the rise in cases was led by low and middle-income countries.

The metabolic disease which comes in different forms, leads to a prolonged increase in blood sugar levels, unless treated.

"Diabetes is a leading cause of poor eyesight and blindness worldwide" said the UN chief, and if it's not detected in time, "it can be too late to improve or restore vision."

If it's not treated, it can cause severe complications such as kidney failure, strokes and can lead to amputations said Mr Ban, adding that "it has devastating impacts on household budgets and national economies."

He called for a focus on prevention and strengthening health services for all sufferers.

California Governor urged to halt execution of death row prisoner

The governor of California is being urged by a group of UN human rights experts to halt the execution of a man convicted following judicial proceedings that "did not meet international standards".

The experts said that Kevin Cooper had been convicted of murder in a trial that was unfair, and failed to follow due process.

He is expected to be among the first prisoners on so-called death row, to face execution, once lethal injections begin again in the US state.

California voters upheld the death penalty by a narrow majority in last week's national and local elections.

"If it were to proceed" said the experts, "his execution will most likely constitute a grave violation of applicable international human rights standards."

In calling on Governor Jerry Brown to stay his execution, the UN experts pointed to a warning by five federal judges in 2009, that the state could "be about to execute an innocent man".

Food assistance to people fleeing Mosul tops 100,000: WFP

More than 100,000 people fleeing fighting in and around Iraq's second city of Mosul have received urgently-needed food assistance, according to the World Food Programme (WFP) on Monday.

WFP said it was "working tirelessly to reach families that remain trapped in Mosul and newly recovered areas."

The Iraqi government and other military coalition forces began the assault to retake Mosul from the terrorist group ISIL, or Daesh, nearly a month ago.

It has been occupied by the extremists for more than two years, and the UN has catalogued numerous atrocities and war crimes carried out by the group in recent weeks.

On Sunday, WFP said that 25,000 people in the first neighbourhood to be retaken inside the city itself, had received food aid.

"We are providing food to people who need it, regardless of whether they are in camps or have stayed in their homes or surrounding neighbourhoods," said Country Director Sally Haydock.

Matthew Wells, United Nations.

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