We are not giving up" on relief for Aleppo

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In western Aleppo City, Syria, children displaced from the al-Hamadaniyah neighbourhood stay at the Al-Shafii shelter, a mosque converted to a shelter. Photo: UNICEF/Khuder Al-Issa

"We are not giving up" on evacuating the sick and wounded of eastern Aleppo, said the UN's humanitarian coordinator for Syria on Thursday.

Jan Egeland regretted the failure of a UN plan to carry out the evacuation last weekend, and demanded that the warring parties in the siege of Aleppo, drop their conditions to allow more aid into the city.

Matthew Wells reports.

Mr Egeland said that no food or medical supplies had been allowed into eastern Aleppo for four months, and the UN had a three-pronged plan to bring relief, which it was determined to pursue.

First, around 1,000 sick and wounded, together with their families, needed to be evacuated for urgent treatment.

Secondly, medical supplies were urgently needed to help treat civilians trapped inside, and lastly, the UN had hoped to use last week's agreed pause in fighting, to bring in food and other humanitarian supplies.

But the warring parties had put their own interests first, he added.

"We all failed…There has not been a single organized evacuation, or a single truck going in with supplies. So a major lessons-learned process is underway because we are not giving up. We are starting again today to try to do the three things."

Despite the support of Russia and the United States for the UN plan, he said the Syrian government had denied the UN access to eastern Aleppo, as well as east Ghouta, near Damascus.

"We need to overturn that decision" said Mr Egeland.

Matthew Wells, United Nations.

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