Additional threats emerge as ISIL terrorists adapt to "new reality"

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Jeffrey Feltman. UN Photo/Loey Felipe

Terrorists from the ISIL group operating in the Middle East are adapting to what the UN is calling a "new reality," which is expected to lead to an increase in attacks outside conflict zones.

ISIL has experienced what a new report has described as "significant military setbacks," particularly in Iraq and Syria, but is finding other ways to fight back

Jocelyne Sambira has more details.

ISIL's ability to hold territory in Iraq, Syria and Libya has been undermined by international military efforts to destroy the group.

Without territory it is unable to generate money and maintain its influence in the region.

But addressing the UN Security Council on Thursday, the United Nations political chief, Jeffrey Feltman said new threats were emerging.

"As the military operations against ISIL in Iraq, the Syrian Arab Republic and Libya continue to make progress, we anticipate an increase in the number of returnees and of attacks outside conflict zones. The increasingly transnational threat that ISIL represents may therefore become a growing challenge to international peace and security."

The Report of the Secretary-General adds that ISIL continues to assert itself in cyberspace, using closed fora, encrypted messaging systems, and communications through the so-called "dark net" to recruit fighters and distribute its propaganda.

Jocelyne Sambira, United Nations

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