News in Brief 09 September 2016 (PM)

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Ban Ki-moon delivers remarks on the situation on the Korean Peninsula. UN Photo/Rick Bajornas

Security Council urged to take "action" regarding North Korea nuke tests

The UN Security Council must remain united and take appropriate action regarding the latest nuclear test carried out by the Democratic Republic of North Korea or DPRK.

The Secretary-General made the remarks in a press stakeout at UN headquarters in New York on Friday.

Ban Ki-moon strongly condemned the "brazen breach" of the resolutions of the Security Council.

It's the fifth time the DPRK has broken the international norm against nuclear tests.

"We are deeply concerned by the continuing act of provocation by the DPRK regime, this time the fifth, the biggest nuclear test. I sincerely hope that the United Nations Security Council will act in solidarity and unity for the international peace and security and give a strong warning to the DPRK authorities."

Mr Ban described the East Asian nation's action as "unacceptable" and warned that it could endanger peace and security in the region.

Independent probe into South Sudan's violence begins

A team of independent investigators tasked with looking into the violence that took place in South Sudan's capital Juba in July has started its work, the UN mission in the country, UNMISS, has confirmed.

It will also look into cases of sexual violence that allegedly  occurred in and around a UN base sheltering civilians.

The investigators must also determine whether UNMISS "responded appropriately" to prevent and stop these incidents and to protect civilians, within its resources and capabilities at the time.

This includes a review of the mission's response to the attack on the Terrain Hotel .

According to media reports, soldiers shot a local journalist dead and raped several foreign women there.

The violence in Juba in July led to the deaths of hundreds of civilians and more than 217 documented incidents of sexual and gender based violence, including rape and gang rapes of minors and women, at various locations in Juba.

Relocation of Hurriya residents in Iraq completed

Three thousand residents of Camp Hurriya in Iraq have been relocated successfully, according to a statement released by the Spokesperson for the Secretary-General.

The camp houses Iranian exiles, many of them members of a group known as the People's Mojahedeen of Iran.

The relocation will help start a process of refugee determination, a necessary first step to resettle them outside the country, according to the UN mission in the country, UNAMI.

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