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A woman cooks a meal outside in the open air with her three children where she is camping with her family the night before being able to register for a ration card in Thanyang, South Sudan. Photo: UNICEF/Kate Holt

18 million children out of school in ten countries

Eighteen million primary-age children are not attending classes in the ten countries across the world with the highest out-of-school rates; that's according to the UN Children's Fund (UNICEF).

Liberia in West Africa has the highest proportion of out-of-school children with nearly two-thirds not receiving an education.

It's followed by South Sudan, where 59 per cent of children are missing out on their right to a primary education and where one in three schools is closed due to conflict.

Afghanistan, Sudan, Niger and Nigeria all have absentee rates above one third.

Mexico launches nation-wide programme to tackle migrant smuggling

Mexico has launched a nation-wide programme to tackle migrant smuggling with the support of the UN.

The new initiative aims to dismantle the criminal networks behind the smuggling operations and to protect migrants.

It will focus on three main routes from Mexico to the United States.

And it will address all aspects of migrant smuggling, including the legislative and criminal justice responses but also communication and humanitarian issues.

 Arrival of 10,000th Syrian refugee in US welcomed

The arrival of the 10,000th Syrian refugee in the United States has been welcomed by the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR).

The Syrian refugee crisis is the world's largest and more than 4.8 million have fled, mostly to neighbouring countries.

A number of countries further afield have agreed to take more people, including the US which pledged last year to receive 10,000.

A summit at the UN later this month will look at ways to increase efforts to deal with the unprecedented worldwide refugee crisis.

Daniel Dickinson, United Nations

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