Israel invites Palestinian President to address parliament

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Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel, addresses the general debate of the General Assembly's seventieth session UN Photo/Cia Pak

Israel has invited the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to address the country's parliament, known as the Knesset.

The invitation was issued by Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during his speech to the UN General Assembly in New York on Thursday.

Charles Appel has more details.

Israel and Palestine continue to struggle to find a way to exist alongside each other in peace and security.

The so-called two-State solution is one that is supported by the United Nations.

Addressing the annual debate of world leaders at the UN General Assembly, Prime Minister Netanyahu said the road to peace runs through Jerusalem and Ramallah, not New York.

He said he supported a "broader peace" across the Middle East.

"I believe for that broader peace to be fully achieved, the Palestinians have to be part of it. I'm ready to begin negotiations to achieve this today, not tomorrow, not next week, today. But as President Abbas spoke here an hour ago, wouldn't it be better if instead of speaking passed each other, we were speaking to one another? President Abbas, instead of railing against the United Nations in New York, I invite you to speak to the Israeli people at the Knesset in Jerusalem and I would come and gladly come speak to the Palestinian parliament in Ramallah."

There was no immediate response from the Palestinian delegation at the United Nations.

Charles Appel, United Nations.

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