Jihadist extremists are "altogether outside" Islam: King of Jordan

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King Abdullah of Jordan and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
UN Photo/Evan Schneider

Jihadist extremists do not exist on the fringe of Islam but are "altogether outside" it.

That's the emphatic view of King Abdullah of Jordan, who devoted his speech during the United Nations General Debate in New York to debunking misconceptions about his faith and the need for a "new mind-set and new partnerships" to fight terrorism.

He said that for Muslims, the battle against radical outlaw groups was a "fight for our future."

Matthew Wells reports.

Time and again, said King Adbullah, he was struck by how many "western officials" and policymakers lacked understanding of Islam, and the way jihadists abused the religion.

"These radical outlaw groups do not exist on the fringes of Islam, they are altogether outside of it. Thus we refer to them as

'khawarej', outlaws of Islam. They declare the entire civilized world as the enemy, and all people, as ‘fair game’. They aim to incubate satellite 'caliphates' in every country in the world in order to extend their reach. To confront this non-traditional enemy we need non-traditional means, a new mindset, new partnerships and reformed methodologies."

Muslims represent a quarter of the world's population and "have a central role in the future of our planet" he told the General Assembly.

Groups such as ISIL or Daesh were feeding off injustices that the international community had to take more responsibility for: the refugee crisis, civil war in Syria and military interventions in Iraq and Afghanistan, he added.

No injustice has spread more bitter fruit" he said, than the "denial of a Palestinian state" and he said that Israel would have to "embrace peace or eventually be engulfed in a sea of hatred, in a region of turmoil."

Matthew Wells, United Nations.

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