"Uninterrupted" flow of material needed to rebuild Gaza say UN agencies

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Children playing in Gaza. File Photo: UNOCHA

An "uninterrupted and predictable" flow of material is needed to address humanitarian needs and rebuild Gaza.

That's according to the heads of sixteen UN agencies in Palestine, in a report released two years on from the ceasefire agreed between Israel and Palestinian authorities in Gaza.

During the conflict in 2014, 1,400 Palestinians were killed, along with six Israeli civilians.

Deganit Perez has more.

During the hostilities of two years ago, 11,200 Palestinians were injured and an estimated 100,000 made homeless.

More than 60 per cent of all fatalities and injuries were women and children.

The UN agencies' report says that the economic prospects facing Gaza's 1.9 million residents need to be revived, and so far, only a third of homes destroyed have been rebuilt.

It commends the progress made so far by the Palestinian government, UN agencies, NGOs, and the "international donor community" to help Gaza's recovery but calls for a much greater flow of building materials to speed up reconstruction.

Robert Piper, UN Coordinator for Humanitarian Aid and Development for the occupied Palestinian territory, said that Gaza's "de-development trajectory" must be reversed.

He said the people of Gaza had been subjected to "three rounds of conflict, nine years of an Israeli blockade and the consequences of the Palestinian internal divide," referring to the split between the militant Hamas faction and authorities in the Occupied West Bank.

Mr Piper added that restrictions on imports and exports needed to be lifted and other "serious policy changes" put in place by Israel and the Palestinian authorities.

Deganit Perez, United Nations.

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