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Protestors in New York City demonstrate in the wake of the verdict in the case of the police shooting of Missouri teenager Michael Brown (24 November 2014). Photo: Jacques Baudrier

"Outrage" at killings in US

A group of UN human rights experts has expressed "outrage" at new police killings of two African-American men in the United States.

Philando Castile was killed in Minnesota and Alton Sterling in Louisiana at the hands of the police.

The United Nations Working Group of Experts on People of African Descent also condemned Thursday's killing of five police officers in downtown Dallas.

Excessive use of force by the police against African Americans in the United States is a "regular occurrence," according to the experts.

African Americans are reportedly shot at more than twice the rate of white people.

"Extreme" concern over situation of Aleppo civilians

"Extreme" concern has been raised by the UN humanitarian office, OCHA, about the situation facing an estimated 300,000 people trapped in the eastern part of Aleppo City in Syria.

Clashes along Castello road, the only road in and out of that part of the city have isolated the civilian population there.

Here's Farhan Haq, the UN Deputy Spokesperson

"Heavy fighting over the past few days has continued to put civilians at risk of death and injury while effectively cutting off humanitarian's access to people in need of assistance."

Fighting by all parties to the conflict in Aleppo and surrounding areas has intensified in recent weeks.

There are reports of airstrikes, shelling, and heavy clashes, which have led to many civilian casualties and injuries.

Attack on Iraqi shrine condemned by UN

An attack on a shrine in Iraq in which at least 35 people reportedly died has been condemned by the United Nations.

The Shia shrine in Balad, north of the Iraqi capital Baghdad was targeted on Thursday by terrorists of the ISIL group, also known as Daesh.

The Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Iraq, Ján Kubiš said it was "clear the cowardly attack" on the shrine aimed to spark sectarian tensions and drag the country back to what he called the "dark days of sectarian conflict."

But he added that with the "people's awareness and unity, the terrorists' goals will not be achieved,"

Daniel Dickinson, United Nations.

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