Yemen's plight "has only got worse"

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The humanitarian crisis particularly affects the most vulnerable which includes the elderly, children, women and the disabled, many of whom rely entirely on humanitarian assistance. Photo: OCHA/Eman Al-Awami

The plight of the people of Yemen is worse than ever, a senior UN official has warned, amid ongoing efforts to secure peace in the conflict-hit country.

Jamie McGoldrick, who's the Humanitarian Coordinator for Yemen, said that an escalation of fighting a year ago had caused suffering on a "tremendous" scale.

Restrictions on desperately needed everyday, imports are also to blame for the country's problems, he said, where 22 million people need help.

Here's Daniel Johnson's in Geneva:

Yemen's protracted humanitarian crisis is getting worse, despite a ceasefire in place since April, according to Jamie McGoldrick, UN Humanitarian Coordinator for the country.

"Every corner you turn, everyone you meet has been affected by this crisis, and we have to do something to stop the war, bring peace…at this point in time as humanitarians we have to be given the opportunity and the funding and support to be able to deliver assistance to those populations."

Jamie McGoldrick said that the ceasefire agreement between government forces and Houthi rebels had seen violations but seemed likely to hold.

He highlighted how vulnerable Yemenis were before the conflict which had "all but broken" the country's hospitals, schools and other services and caused massive displacement.

The UN aid coordinator also said that damage to ports such as Hodeidah had significantly impacted on deliveries of products that Yemenis need every day: food, fuel and medicine.

And he said that of the US$ 1.8 billion appeal launched for Yemen, it is currently only 17 per cent funded.

Daniel Johnson, United Nations, Geneva

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