Libya medical centre attacks condemned

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Ongoing violence in Libya has shut 60 per cent of hospitals in conflict areas or made them inaccessible to those who need care, WHO says. Photo: UNSMIL

Successive attacks on a hospital in Libya have been condemned by the World Health Organization (WHO), which says the country's healthcare system is on the brink of collapse.

According to the UN agency, Benghazi Medical Centre in the east of Libya was hit by rocket fire three times in two days last week.

Here's Daniel Johnson in Geneva.

No-one is believed to have died in the attacks on the hospital in Libya's second city, but they have compromised care to up to a million people.

WHO's Dr Jaffar Hussain said it is hard to say whether the rocket attacks were deliberate or not.

Here he is speaking on the line from Tunisia.

"Benghazi Medical Center is the only functioning hospital which is currently functioning out of more than 10 hospitals. The other 10 are either partially or completely damaged. These include specialised hospitals like psychiatry hospitals…"

The violence in Libya stems from the fall of President Muammar al-Qhadafi in 2011.

The internationally supported government recently set up a base in the western capital, Tripoli.

But it is not recognised by the rival administration in the east, while militant extremists continue to terrorise large areas of Libya.

WHO says that nearly 60 per cent of hospitals in conflict areas in Libya have either shut down or cannot be reached by those in need.

Daniel Johnson, United Nations, Geneva

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