Hunting an indicted war criminal in the former Yugoslavia: The Lid is On podcast

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Slavko Dokmanovic (left, in white shirt) is read his rights by Vladimir Dzuro (right, in white shirt). File Photo (1997): Col. David Jones, US Army

Two United Nations policemen have been talking about the "horror stories" they heard from the families of victims of an indicted war criminal from the former Yugoslavia.

The two policemen, Vladimir Dzuro from the Czech Republic and Kevin Curtis from the United Kingdom, made history in 1997 when they delivered the very first alleged war criminal to the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY), based in The Hague.

The arrest was the first of many and, according to the current Prosecutor of the tribunal, contributed to one of the UN's greatest success stories.

In the latest episode of the UN Radio podcast series The Lid is On, we hear how the relentless determination, meticulous planning and cunning of two men inevitably led to the arrest of indictee Slavko Dokmanovic.

Duration: 24'50"

The Lid is On" is also available on SoundCloud.

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