Celebrities campaign to bring animals back from "brink of extinction"

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Yaya Touré with an elephant. Image: Wild for Life campaign

Celebrities from across the world have joined the United Nations in a campaign to bring a range of endangered animals back from the "brink of extinction."

The UN says a number of species, including elephants, rhinos, tigers and sea turtles, could soon become extinct due to the illegal trade in wildlife.

Ana Carmo reports.

Global celebrities are backing what the UN is calling an unprecedented campaign to stop the illegal trade in wildlife.

They have lent their images to the Wild for Life campaign which are superimposed on pictures of the animal they are hoping to save from extinction.

The Ivorian footballer Yaya Touré is paired with an elephant, model Gisele Bündchen with a sea turtle. The Sri Lankan actress Jacqueline Fernandez is a tiger and US actor Ian Somerhalder a pangolin.

Each year, thousands of wild animals are illegally killed and traded, often by organized criminal networks.

It's thought the illegal trade is worth up to US$20 billion a year.

An estimated 170 tonnes of ivory was illegally exported from Africa in the five years up to 2014.

And poachers on the continent killed more than 1,300 rhinos in 2015.

Ana Carmo, United Nations.

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