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Rubble from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant caused by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. Photo: IAEA/Gill Tudor

Japan's Fukushima nuclear meltdown remembered

The 2011 Fukushima nuclear accident in Japan has taught the world that our dependence on technology is a "double-edged" sword, the UN chief said on the fifth anniversary of the disaster.

A massive earthquake triggered a tsunami which in turn caused an accident at the Fukushima Daiichi power plant described by the UN as "the worst emergency" of its kind since the Chernobyl disaster in 1986 in Ukraine.

Calling on people to reduce their exposure to natural hazards, Ban Ki-moon warned that "a new era had clearly begun, in which technology and natural disasters can combine to create danger on a previously unimaginable scale."

UN reminds Iran of missile test ban

Iran is being reminded of a UN Security Council resolution in which it was asked not to launch ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads.

The call came after the Gulf-country conducted missile tests this week, according to media reports.

The Council had lifted international economic sanctions previously imposed on Iran after the country's leaders agreed to a nuclear deal back in January.

Here's the UN Spokesperson, Stéphane Dujarric.

” The Council called upon Iran not to undertake any activity related to ballistic missiles designed to be capable of delivering a nuclear weapon, including launches using such ballistic missile technology."

Meanwhile, the UN Secretary-General is calling on Iran's leaders to act "with moderation, caution and good sense" so as not to increase tensions through hasty actions.

China takes leads in exporting culture

China has taken the lead in exporting cultural goods, the total value estimated at US$60 billion- more than double that of the United States.

That's according to a new report by the UN scientific and cultural agency's Institute for Statistics (UIS).

Cultural goods and services range from arts and artefacts to audio-visual products such as movies, television content, recorded or broadcast music.

Despite a global recession and a massive shift among consumers of movies and music towards web-based services, the trade in cultural goods doubled from 2004 to 2013.

The export of cultural goods creates jobs, contributes to the dynamism of local economies, the report says.

Condemnation of Darfur attack in which peacekeeper died

An attack by an unknown armed group in the Darfur region of western Sudan has been condemned by the UN and the African Union Commission (AUC).

One South African peacekeeper was killed and another wounded while on patrol, travelling from Kutum in North Darfur to Djarido.

The UN and the African Union launched a joint peacekeeping mission in 2007 called UNAMID to bring stability to the war-torn region.

The AUC Chairperson, Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon are calling on all the parties to the conflict in Darfur to respect the integrity of the UN peacekeeping force.

They urged the Sudanese authorities to investigate the attack promptly and to bring the perpetrators to justice.

Jocelyne Sambira, United Nations.

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