Embrace diversity on Zero Discrimination Day

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Zero Discrimination Day is celebrated 1 March. Promotional Image: UNAIDS

People worldwide are being encouraged to embrace diversity, respect differences and stand for fair and just societies.

The appeal is being made by the United Nations in support of Zero Discrimination Day, observed this Tuesday, 1 March.

People continue to be treated unfairly because of their gender, nationality, age, ethnic origin, sexual orientation or religion.

The UN says this can have dire consequences, for example in healthcare settings.

Dianne Penn reports.

Discrimination remains a widespread problem, according to the UN.

For instance, a gay man might be afraid of disclosing his sexuality to medical staff. 

A disabled person might be denied access to proper information about their sexual health.

Or, a transgender person who has been turned away from a clinic might try to kill themselves.

Marc Angel, a parliamentarian from Luxembourg, is a champion for the UN's Joint Programme on HIV and AIDS (UNAIDS).

"Somebody is discriminated if he doesn't have equal treatment. And it's very important having equal treatment, and treatment in the two senses of the word: equal treatment in the way you handle people, you receive people, you talk to people, you accept them, but also in the way, especially within AIDS, having access to treatment."

People can show their support on Zero Discrimination Day by posting drawings, pictures, audio and video on social media, using #zerodiscrimination.

Dianne Penn, United Nations.

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