Denounce ideologies that "set people against people": UN chief

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Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. UN Photo/Manuel Elias

On the day when the world remembers the atrocities of the Holocaust, the head of the UN has stressed the need to "denounce political and religious ideologies that 'set people against people'."

The Secretary-General was speaking at an event at UN Headquarters in New York marking International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Veronica Reeves has more.

The systematic extermination of millions of Jews and other minority groups, as well as homosexuals and political prisoners by the Nazis during the Second World War should never be forgotten, said Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

He was speaking to a General Assembly Hall filled with not only official country delegations, but also Holocaust survivors and their families.

Mr Ban called the murder of some six million Jews a "colossal crime" and expressed concern that aggression and hate continue to permeate lives around the world, still today.

"People worldwide – including millions fleeing war, persecution and deprivation – are the targets of discrimination and attacks. Violent extremism, sectarian tensions and hate-filled ideologies are on the march. Civilians are in the crosshairs."

Mr Ban specifically referenced attacks by the Daesh terrorist group against the minority Yazidi population in Iraq and the siege of Madaya in Syria as examples of the international community failing to hold accountable those who flouted international humanitarian law.

Veronica Reeves, United Nations.

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