Youth take centre stage at climate conference

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Ahmad Alhendawi. UN Photo/Yubi Hoffmann

It's the turn of the young to take centre stage at the UN climate change conference, COP21, on Thursday in Paris.

A number of youth-led meetings, workshops and activities are planned throughout the day; providing a unique opportunity for young people to weigh-in on the climate debate.

Matthew Wells has the story.

Many of the events taking place at COP21 Thursday, focus on the disproportionate impact climate change will have on young people, while also acknowledging the key role youth can play in finding solutions to climate issues.

Ahmad Alhendawi is the UN Secretary-General's Envoy on Youth. He said space must be created to ensure the voices of young people are truly heard.

"Everybody has a share. Sometimes young people would say, 'I'm too little and this issue is too big'. I think we need this little action. We need to build this momentum from the bottom up. The young people who are represented here today are the most active, the more engaged in this debate. But my hope would only be that this would trickle down into their communities." (:17)

Mr Alhendawi said that young people have already demonstrated their ability to take a leadership role on climate issues.

He pointed out that the majority of recent climate change rallies and marches that have been taking place globally were in fact organized by the young.

Matthew Wells, United Nations.

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