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People of African descent must be involved in climate change solutions

People of African descent must have more say in addressing climate change.

That's according to a group of UN experts, which says that implementation of the new climate change agreement reached earlier this month in Paris must take into account the needs of people of African descent.

The experts say that international efforts to address climate issues must be more inclusive and involve groups that were otherwise overlooked at the COP21 climate summit.

The group noted that people of African descent are among those set to be most adversely affected by climatic changes.

Governments must do more to prevent losses from extreme weather

In the wake of recent extreme weather in many parts of the world, the UN is urging governments to do more to reduce human and economic losses from weather disasters.

During the past week, heavy flooding has affected parts of South America and the United Kingdom, tornadoes have hit parts of the United States and freak snowfalls have taken place in Mexico.

Following these events, the UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR) has called on governments to take preventative measures to save lives and property.

Some of these steps include upgrading early warning systems, ensuring resilient critical infrastructure and investing more in flood defences.

Push is on to help developing countries with food irradiation practices

A new publication has been released with the aim of improving food irradiation practices worldwide, particularly in developing countries.

The UN's atomic energy agency (IAEA) has released the new guide on food irradiation, which is a technology that improves the safety and extends the shelf life of foods.

Approximately 750,000 tonnes of food are irradiated each year, mainly in Asia and the Pacific region, as well as the Americas.

Food safety and quality have becoming increasingly important issues in many developing countries, particularly in China, where the majority of the world's food irradiation facilities are located.

Veronica Reeves, United Nations.

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