UN Global Perspective: focus on ISIL terrorists, refugees at Balkan borders and foreign fighters

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A group of asylum-seekers in Croatia. Photo: UNHCR/I. Pavicevic

Strong rallying call" issued against ISIL terrorists

A resolution adopted unanimously by the UN Security Council provides a "strong rallying call" against terrorists operating in Iraq and Syria. That's according to the current President of the Council and British Ambassador to the UN, Matthew Rycroft. The 15-member body called on the international community to take the war on terrorism to territory controlled by the ISIL group, also known as Daesh. The terrorist group controls large areas of Iraq and Syria and has started mounting attacks further afield, most notably in Paris where 129 people died in a series of assaults. Daniel Dickinson asked Ambassador Rycroft how important the resolution is.

Matthew Rycroft at the UN Radio studios. UN Radio Photo/Daniel Dickinson

Rising tensions follow restrictions on refugees at Balkan borders

Tensions are rising amongst migrants and refugees at the main entry point into the former-Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia from Greece, according to the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR). The agency says that due to a series of new and uncoordinated restrictions imposed on several borders in the Balkans, which are being used as crossing points. The restrictions have led to major backups at some borders, creating yet another humanitarian problem that needs urgent attention. Nicki Chadwick has more.


Security Council meeting. UN File Photo/Loey Felipe

Motives of foreign terrorist fighters under the spotlight

Understanding the reasons why foreign terrorists leave their homes to fight in conflicts abroad, was the focus of an unprecedented meeting at UN headquarters on Tuesday. The UN's lead terrorism agency, the Counter-terrorism Committee Executive Directorate (CTED) convened the meeting, while a team of experts from across academia and civil society, shared ideas about the threat foreign fighters pose. CTED estimates there are about 30,000 such fighters worldwide, many in Iraq and Syria. Veronica Reeves spoke with Weixiong Chen, CTED's Deputy Executive Director, and asked what drove them, to take up arms.

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