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Faisal, 18 months old is treated for severe acute malnutrition at Sabeen hospital in Yemen's capital Sana'a. Photo: UNICEF/UMI191723/Yasin

Half a million children under age five in Yemen at risk of severe malnutrition

Over 500,000 children under age five are at risk of severe acute malnutrition in Yemen, according to the UN Children's Agency, UNICEF.

One in eight children is at risk of severe malnutrition, a threefold increase since March.

UNICEF says Yemen's alarming malnutrition levels are being fuelled not only by local food shortages, but also the lack of access to other sources of supplies.

Water availability has been erratic, while prices have also surged.

Aid agencies in Nepal in a race against time

As winter approaches in Nepal, aid agencies are in a race against time according to the UN's humanitarian coordinator in the country.

The window to deliver food and other basic supplies to communities in high altitude locations is closing with winter conditions soon to cut off access.

The recent monsoon season limited air and road access to some areas, leaving 1,200 metric tons of shelter and household items still undelivered to earthquake-affected communities.

Seven dead after collision between smuggling boat and Greek patrol vessel

Up to seven people are dead – four of them children – after a collision between a smuggling boat and a Greek patrol vessel.

The accident happened just off the coast of the Greek island Lesbos.

The boat was carrying 38 people at the time.

UNHCR has said the accident highlights the urgent need to support the response capabilities in Greece.

Thousands of refugees and migrants continue to arrive in Greece by sea from Turkey, which has increased pressure on the government's already over-stretched reception and registration facilities.

Veronica Reeves, United Nations.

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