Time running out in refugee crisis

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People rest at the Tovarnik train station in Croatia, while waiting for transportation to a refugee camp near Zagreb. Photo: UNHCR/I.Pavicevic

Time is running out to find a viable solution to Europe's refugee crisis, the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), has warned.

The Agency is urging European countries to quickly come together to find a coherent and united approach to the crisis.

Veronica Reeves has the story.

With the number of refugees arriving in Europe climbing by the day, the time to find a solution is now, according to the UN Refugee Agency.

UNHCR says the chaos and confusion that has erupted this week across the Balkans, including in Hungary and on the border between Serbia and Croatia, demonstrates the need for an immediate resolution to the crisis.

UNHCR Spokesman Adrian Edwards, in Geneva.

 "This crisis is not being, at this point, managed.  It's not being dealt with by multiple countries.  It's being dealt with on an individual basis.  Border closings that you're seeing are not a solution to this crisis.  For a number of reasons it is now of utmost urgency that proper management of this situation come about."

Mr Edwards said next week's planned meetings of the Extraordinary Justice and Home Affairs Council and the European Parliament will be critically important for resolving the crisis.

More than 442,000 refugees have arrived in Europe so far this year.  Nearly 3,000 others have died making the journey.

Veronica Reeves, United Nations

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