News in Brief 21 September 2015 (PM)

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Ivan Simonovic, Assistant Secretary-General for Human Rights. UN File Photo/JC McIlwaine

Human rights chief kicks off visit to Ukraine

The human rights situation in Ukraine is the focus of a six day trip to the country by the UN's senior human rights official.

The UN's Assistant Secretary-General for Human Rights, Ivan Simonovic, is visiting Kyiv and other places in the eastern portions of Ukraine.

The mission comes just ahead of the Human Rights Council's interactive dialogue on the situation in Ukraine, which will take place next week in Geneva.

European nations told to do more to help refugees and migrants

The UN Secretary-General has expressed extreme concern about the deteriorating situation facing refugees and migrants arriving across Europe.

Ban Ki-moon says many are fleeing persecution, conflict and human rights abuses, having endured arduous journeys to reach safety.

The Secretary-General says European countries should abide by their international obligations and guarantee the proper treatment of refugees and migrants.

Mr Ban has invited Member States to a special meeting in New York on 30 September to discuss the challenges of increased movements of migrants and refugees in the world.

Developing countries struggling with Internet access

Developing countries lag far behind when it comes to Internet access.  That's the finding of a new UN-backed report that shows that 4 billion people – nearly 60 per cent of the world's population – are still offline.

While internet access is reaching near-saturation in the world's rich nations, the availability of information and communication technologies, particularly broadband Internet is not advancing quickly enough to benefit billions of people in the developing world.

Veronica Reeves, United Nations.

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