France launches first strikes against ISIL in Syria

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François Hollande, President of France, speaks to journalists about his country’s air strikes in eastern Syria at UN Headquarters in New York. UN Photo/Cia Pak

French planes have carried out the country's first air strikes in Syria, aimed at the terrorist group, ISIL, President Francois Hollande announced at the UN in New York on Sunday.

ISIL has been able to expand its operations in Syria, following the bloody civil war there, which has left more than 200,000 people dead in the last four years.

Veronica Reeves has the story.

In making the announcement at UN Headquarters, Mr. Hollande said French planes had destroyed an ISIL training camp in the eastern part of Syria. France had previously launched strikes against the terrorist organization in Iraq.

The French President said his country was prepared to carry out further attacks, if necessary.

"Some others strikes could take place in the coming weeks, if necessary, still with the same goal. It is about identifying targets that correspond to training centres or places where we are aware that the terrorist group Daesh (ISIL) is threatening the security, or could threaten the security of our country."

Mr. Hollande said there were no civilian casualties in the attack.

Veronica Reeves, United Nations.

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