Way forward to end Syria conflict outlined by UN

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UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon speaking at the Security Council meeting: The situation in the Middle East (Syria). UN Photo/Evan Schneider

A plan to reach a political solution to end the conflict in Syria has been outlined by the United Nations.

On Wednesday, senior UN officials briefed the Security Council on a proposal which they said "all parties claim to support".

At least a quarter-million people have been killed in the civil war in Syria over the past 4 years.

Maria Carlino reports.

The threat to international peace and security caused by the war in Syria should compel the global community to consider what more it can do to end the carnage, the UN Secretary-General told the Security Council on Wednesday.

Ban Ki-moon asked his Special Envoy on Syria, Staffan de Mistura to intensity efforts over the past several months to find a political settlement to the conflict.

Mr de Mistura has been working to promote the "Geneva Communiqué", a set of guidelines to end the violence and launch a Syria-led political process.

The UN chief said both Syrians and external actors reject a future Syria divided along sectarian lines.

"Many Syrians warned that the country is entering a cycle of fragmentation and radicalization from which it will be hard to exit. Our Syrian interlocutors also lamented that their country is caught in a regional proxy war that is beyond Syrians' ability to resolve by themselves.  Almost all pointed to an urgent need for the international community to act now if we want to save and preserve what is left of Syria. As the situation deteriorates, Syrians predict that the prospects for achieving a political solution will also recede."

Mr Ban added that his Special Envoy for the country will present a proposal to enable Syrians to negotiate an agreement on how to implement all aspects of the Geneva Communiqué.

It will include how to effectively fight terrorism.

Maria Carlino, United Nations.

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