UN and Africa: focus on South Sudan, “New resolve” to take on Boko Haram and services sector

Hervé Ladsous. Photo: UN File Photo

Joy turns to complete tragedy in South Sudan

The joy the people of South Sudan felt at independence four years ago has turned to "complete tragedy"; that's the view of the chief of UN peacekeeping operations, Hervé Ladsous.The newly independent African country has suffered internal conflict and violence since the deposed former Vice President turned on the government in December 2013. The UN mission in the country (UNMISS) has provided safe havens for tens of thousands of South Sudanese who have been forced to flee their homes. Mr Ladsous briefed the UN Security Council on the latest developments in the country. Asuumpta Massoi asked him about his message to the Council.

"New resolve" to take on Boko Haram

Mohamed Ibn Chambas. UN PHOTO

The Nigerian government has demonstrated a "new resolve" to take on the outlawed Boko Haram terrorist group according to the Head of the UN Office for West Africa (UNOWA). The group has continued to attack civilians in the north of Nigeria and in neighbouring countries, but has suffered what's been described as "significant reversals." The UNOWA chief, Mohamed Ibn Chambas, has been in New York to brief on the current situation in the region.Daniel Dickinson asked him to assess the progress made there in the first half of this year.

Africa’s services future “is more than flipping burgers”

Solar volatic panels in Thies, Senegal. UN Photo/Sean Sprague

African countries urgently need to shake up their services sector if they're to compete in the global market place and achieve key development goals, according to UN economists. The warning comes from the UN's Trade and Development agency UNCTAD, whose latest report also calls for massive investment in basic services such as water, energy and telecommunications. Without such action, UNCTAD's Junior Davis told Daniel Johnson that the continent won’t get the foreign investment it needs for sustainable growth.

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