News in Brief 07 July 2015 (AM)

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Juan Bohoslavsky. OHCHR PHOTO

Foreign lending by China should benefit people as well as governments

China's investments in other countries should not only be a "win-win" for governments and business but also for ordinary citizens.

That's the message from the UN independent expert on foreign debt and human rights, Juan Bohoslavsky, who has just completed his first official mission to the country.

Mr Bohoslavsky said that China has become "a major international lender" and with this new leadership role comes new responsibilities.

He urged the government to fully incorporate international human rights principles on business and foreign debt into its foreign lending and financial assistance.

Rights of Maya people in Belize "need to be upheld"

The Government of Belize has been urged by the United Nations to ensure that the rights of the country's Maya people are upheld.

The UN Special Rapporteur on the rights of indigenous peoples, Victoria Tauli-Corpuz, said they have the right to control their land and resources by reason of traditional ownership.

The independent expert's call comes after the arrest of 12 Maya people and local leaders charged with unlawful imprisonment of a non-Mayan individual who had started building on village land.

Threats against activists and journalists in Afghanistan condemned

Threats made against civil society activists and journalists in Afghanistan have been condemned by the UN.

Unnamed armed groups have reportedly listed the people on social media sites describing them as targets for "punishment."

The top United Nations envoy in Afghanistan, Nicholas Haysom, denounced the list.

He said a "strong and independent journalism, as well as a flourishing civil society" is critical for the health and survival of a democracy in the country.

Dianne Penn, United Nations.

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