Women: focus on sexual violence, campaign #reflect2protect and female drug addiction

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Zainab Bangura. UN File Photo/Mark Garten

International day honours victims of sexual violence during conflict

Selling of girls in conflict situations today has been compared to the sale of Africans during the Transatlantic slave trade. Rape and other forms of sexual violence have been used as a weapon in wars across the globe. The UN General Assembly recently established an international day to remember victims of this scourge and to remind the world that action still needs to be taken to stamp it out. Dianne Penn's report begins with the words of Zainab Hawa Bangura, Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General on Sexual Violence in Conflict.

Shirin Akhter being interviewed by Daniel Johnson at the UN in Geneva. Photo: Ruben Brouwer/OHCHR

Veteran women's rights campaigner condemns states' lip service to Beijing pledge

Women have too little influence in the big decisions that affect them despite a landmark pledge at the Beijing summit two decades ago, according to a veteran women's rights activist named Shirin Akhter. It's why the Bangladeshi campaigner supports a UN twitter campaign using the #reflect2protect hashtag. Before taking part in a UN-sponsored event in Geneva, Ms Akhter explained to Daniel Johnson how her early political activism resulted in imprisonment and torture, but that it only motivated her even more.

Pills. UNODC File Photo

Women more likely to be addicted to prescription drugs

Women are more likely to misuse prescription medication than any other type of drug, according to a new report released by the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC). The 2015 World Drug Report highlights that one out of three drug users is female. But in treatment centres, they represent only one out of five people, meaning that women are not getting as much help as men when it comes to overcoming addiction. To find out more about the gender discrepancies related to drug use, Stephanie Coutrix spoke with Angela Me from UNODC's office in Vienna.

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