Rights watchdog to tackle migrant misery

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The UN Human Rights Council is expected to hold a special debate on migrants on the first day of its 29th session, beginning Monday. Photo: Pierre Albouy

The issue of migrants – along with others that rarely hit the headlines – are set to take centre stage at UN Human Rights Council's upcoming session, its president said Wednesday.

Joachim Ruecker said he expected the council's member states to pass a European Union call to debate the issue on Monday, making it one of the first issues to be tackled.

Daniel Johnson has more.

As the UN human rights watchdog prepares to roll up its sleeves for work on Monday, President Joachim Ruecker said it was "most likely" that the council would support the call for a special debate on migrants.

He said the global issue of migrants posed a problem to countries of origin, transit and destination and it was time to grapple with root causes.

"No-one who is protected against arbitrary detention, nobody who is protected against torture or violence, nobody who has access to adequate food and water and who is protected against unemployment , so essentially no-one whose basic human rights are respected would risk such dangerous and terrifying journeys as these migrants are risking."

Along with scheduled updates on Syria, Gaza, Eritrea and Nigeria's Boko Haram rebels, the UN body will look at less mainstream issues.

These include human rights in Central African Republic and Belarus, along with the Roma minority, people with albinism and violence against women and girls.

Daniel Johnson, United Nations

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