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Chido Govera. (World Bank TV video capture)

Food is "key" for advancement of women

Women need to be food secure in order to advance and to tackle violence perpetrate against them. That's according to Chido Govera, a farmer, campaigner and educator from Zimbabwe who is teaching mushroom cultivation to hundreds of people in her country as well as in Tanzania, South Africa and the Congo. Ms Govera participated in an event during this year's Spring Meetings of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in Washington D.C. in the United States. Michelle "Pabsy" Pabalan from the World Bank reports.

Women to train, run, win and lead in Trinidad & Tobago

Terry Ince, manager of the Network’s Women’s Leadership in Local Government project in Trinidad and Tobago. Photo: UN Women/Ryan Brown

Women in Trinidad & Tobago are being encouraged to "run, win and lead" in local government politics. The overall portion of women winning seats as councillors edged up from 29 to 31 per cent after the previous election in 2010. Since 1996, the women's movement has ensured that no local government corporation is devoid of women in its Council. An organization in the twin island country is contributing to these developments, by focusing on helping women develop leadership skills to thrive in politics and promote the change within their communities. Ana Carmo reports.

Women often exposed to "severe forms of online harassment"

Young woman working on a computer. Photo: World Bank/Arne Hoel

Women who work in the media are exposed to more severe forms of online harassment which cause them to shut down and self-censor, according to the Associate Dean of Ohio University. Michelle Ferrier has personal experience with this form of cyberbullying from her time as a columnist in Florida. She says the voices of women who try to engage a larger audience are often silenced with physical and psychological threats. Ms Ferrier was at UN Headquarters in New York to participate in a panel debate on press freedom. Cathrine Hasselberg asked her what the situation looks like for women in media today.

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