UN Calling Asia: focus on Nepal, Indonesia and drug policy

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Laxmi Shakya, 31, gave birth just three days before the quake. Photo: UNFPA Nepal/Santosh Chhetri

Women in Nepal receiving reproductive health support

The needs of women of reproductive age in Nepal are of particular concern to the UN Population Fund (UNFPA) in the aftermath of powerful earthquakes that recently shook the country. The agency says this includes preventing unplanned pregnancies through family planning, and supporting pregnant women so they can deliver their babies in a safe environment.  To find out more about ongoing efforts on the ground, Santosh Chhetri spoke with Giulia Vallese, UNFPA's Representative in Nepal.


Women in a remote village of north eastern Indonesia. Photo: IFAD

Women in Papua, Indonesia, becoming primary breadwinners

Women in a remote village of north eastern Indonesia are being empowered to take control of their lives by a new project sponsored by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD). Traditionally, women in Papua depended on men to make decisions about their lives. Now they are receiving training in agricultural and financial management, and many have their own bank accounts. Mahbub Ahmad reports on this pilot project which is already operating in 200 villages in Papua.


Opium poppy field. Photo: UNODC (file)

Holistic approach needed to drug policies

To successfully combat illegal drug trafficking and abuse, a more holistic approach to the problem is needed, according to the deputy CEO of a Thai non-profit which helps people find legitimate ways to earn a living. Mr Dispanadda Diskul from the Mae Fah Luang Foundation was recently in New York for a panel discussion on identifying what the priorities should be at this year's General Assembly Special Session on the World Drug Problem. He says that Thailand serves as an example of a country that successfully dealt with its opium plantations and found other legal jobs for the people involved. Cathrine Hasselberg spoke with Mr Diskul and began by asking him how the current international drug policies are working.

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