Bid begins to find trillions for UN's post-2015 goals

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Ending poverty by 2030 in places such as Jakarta, Indonesia, is one of 17 UN goals. Photo: World Bank/Farhana Asnap

Implementing the UN's sustainable development goals (SDGs) is set to be a vast financial challenge likely to run into trillions of dollars a year.

In an effort to help lock down the funds ahead of a key meeting in Addis Ababa in July, economic experts and UN member states have met in Geneva for talks hosted by the Economic Commission for Europe.

Amina Mohammed, who's the UN Secretary General's Special Representative on Post-2015 Development Planning, told delegates this week that it was time for countries "to step up" with commitments.

Here's Daniel Johnson with more details:

With an annual price tag of $5 to $7 trillion for infrastructure projects alone, the UN Special Adviser on sustainable development said that strategies needed to be decided now to scale up funding.

Amina Mohammed told delegates at a key UN meeting in Geneva that challenges such as eradicating poverty by 2030 and tackling climate change risked costing "a lot more" unless countries made tough financial commitments.

"There's all sorts of solutions coming to the table on the basis, the premise that we do have the resources, that we will need more than billions, we'll need trillions."

Speaking at the UN Economic Commission for Europe meeting, the UN Special Representative insisted that governments must take the lead in promoting the UN's 17 universal goals.

Of the many measures on the table, Ms Mohammed cited the need to clamp down on tax havens and illicit financial flows.

She added that the private sector was ready to get involved with trillions of dollars which were available but "locked up" in financial products "that we need the keys to".

The outcome of the Geneva conference will be used at a key meeting on development financing in Addis Ababa in July.

Daniel Johnson, United Nations

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